11 essential tips for proper skincare

Some skincare rules are essential if you want to have healthy, shiny skin longer. Regardless of your skin type, consider the following tips:

Always use the right products for your complexion. The care treatments are different, and each skin type needs different care and tailored to its needs. Take care of sensitive areas, such as around the eyes or mouth, especially if you have sensitive skin. These areas need proper treatment and special products, such as eye makeup remover. It cleanses the skin properly, especially if you have sensitive skin. It is recommended to use a neutral pH cleaner that does not affect the balance of sensitive skin. Exfoliation and hydration are essential for healthy skin. The products with neutral pH help you to cleanse the skin without affecting its natural balance.
If you want to avoid an allergy, you can use hypoallergenic products. They are specially created for the needs of each type of skin and you can use them confidently even if you have sensitive skin. Regardless of the season, it is advisable to use products containing sun protection factor. This will protect your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.
Free radicals can affect your skin, so you have to protect it every time you leave the house. Once you get home, clean the skin well. Always unpack before bedtime. Otherwise, dirt will accumulate in the pores, which favors the appearance of pimples.

It is advisable not to apply the foundation with your hands as bacteria can accumulate on the face. Instead, use a special sponge to apply the foundation. Regularly clean makeup tools, because the accumulated dirt will favor the appearance of baskets. Adopt a balanced lifestyle. Proper nutrition, which includes fresh fruits and vegetables, rests and consumption of optimal water is necessary if you want to keep your skin bright, soft and hydrated. If you know what kind of skin you have, then you will be able to more easily choose the right products, so that you take good care of your skin. And if you follow some essential steps in the daily care ritual, your complexion will be healthier and you will more effectively combat the effects of free radicals, but also the signs of aging.

SKINCARE: face masks, which you will adore!

Have you noticed what beautiful skin Asian people have? In Asia, women undergo many beauty rituals, using natural or hi-tech products from TOP to take care of their skin daily. Create a new and only cosmetic ritual for yourself. From my experience, one of the new SKINCARE masks could be an integral part of your ritual. You can choose from three product ranges, and if you can not decide, I have tried a few and I know for sure why they will like you crazy.

SKINCARE NaturBeauty

The masks in this series contain mineral water from glaciers and pure natural extracts. The fabric is easily applied, and the 15-20 minutes of waiting time pass as you blink. Thanks to 3D technology you adhere to the face so well that you could jog with it! But you better relax. The exfoliating textile mask with papaya was conquered by me.  It smells great, and the fine fabric of bio-cellulose removes impurities and gray tones from the skin. Super! During the cold weather, I also found a nutritious textile mask with almond extract.  It was like a perfect conditioner for dry skin, leaving the skin smooth as silk. It can be used all year long - especially if you don't have much time for yourself because this Korean mask nourishes the skin for a long time! The range also includes masks: Soothing with extracts from the passion fruit, Moisturizing with peaches and Illuminating with litchi.


StarBeauty is a full range of exclusive quality products for your skin. Illuminating mask with 24-carat gold solves the first wrinkles, mimics or other types and enlarged pores and, because during application the skin temperature drops by up to 5 ° C, it leaves the skin perfectly tense. Sure you will love it, just like me! Revitalizing mask with snail extract may require a dash of courage. Does the idea scare you? Without fear! It brightens the skin so fantastic that you get used to this - hmm - unusual ingredient quickly. Purifying mask with activated carbon and clay is unmatched in the fight against blackheads and sebum surplus. Try it once - and you won't want another mask against blackheads.

These masks are super luxurious and super efficient! You have two: detoxifying and anti-stress. Due to the hyaluronic acid content, both successful combats left skin or skin vulnerable to oxidative stress. As for me, I like it even more, from the same series, the Hands Restorative Mask (with shea butter), the Hands Restoring Mask (with allantoin and a multitude of herbs, including the much-loved lavender) and the Hydrogel Lip Mask  ( with collagen). When was the last time you thought you needed to take care of your whole body? Maybe it's time to start, even with the SKINCARE masks.